About Us

Who are We?

BONAROM Food Industry And Trade Inc. is established to serve in Turkey, Central Asia, Africa and the Middle East geographies by providing the experience more than 95 years and technological support of Takasago who is the leader company in the World in aroma sector.

With its flexible and dynamic organization and experience in food industry, aims to meet the aroma requirements of target markets and contribute to the economy of the country.

BONAROM; is not only in production, development, and supply of spice mixtures and liquid/powder sauces but also established on the principles of “Continuous Improvement” and “Continuous Innovation” in order to develop aromas upon customer requests.

In this regard, while meeting the requirements of domestic/foreign markets, it also aims to develop quality products that may create demand, in its “Sweet&Salty R&D Laboratory” in Tuzla/İstanbul.

BONAROM; in the procurement process, aims at the principle of Just On Time Production in order to shorten delivery times and optimize product quality/price balance.

Serves an opportunity of fast and flexible logistics by distribution from its own warehouses Turkey- wide in İstanbul Tuzla and İkitelli, Bursa, Çorlu, Gaziantep, and İzmir.

Positioned outside of Turkey with its liaison office in Kazakhstan, BONAROM's main principle is to foster the approach to quality in Turkish market and to improve food industry's export potential.

Our Product Range

Nut Coating

Seasoning for Potatoe and Corn Chips/Snacks

Bouillon and Ready Soup

Powder Mixes